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Frequently asked questions
What is PM/2?

PM/2 is a practice management software package for mental health professionals.  It includes features for patient billing, appointment scheduling, insurance claim preparation, and appointment scheduling.  Insurance claims can be submitted either on paper or electronically, directly to the payor or to a claims clearing house.

Will PM/2 run on my computer?

Yes, if it is a PC running Windows 7 or above, or if it is Mac running Parallels.  Any type of printer is OK.

What about an Apple iOS or Android version to run on my hand-held device?

Sorry, these are not available.

I have a database of my patients in Excel or on my iPhone.  Can I import this data into PM/2?

Just upload your database to us and we will import your data into PM/2 without charge.  PM/2 does offer automatic imports from a number of competing systems, but most of these are older and no longer in widespread use.

Does PM/2 have the DSM5, ICD10, and CPT4 codes?

Yes, all three of these coding systems for psychiatry are built into the program.

These coding systems get updated all the time.  What happens when a new code comes along?

We always keep up with changes in the coding systems.  Updated code files can be downloaded from our web site when needed.

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What happens when the insurance claim form (CMS-1500) gets updated, as it did a few years ago?

There are always public announcements of changes in the form, with plenty of lead time.  We keep track of such announcements and issue updates well ahead of time, to remain in compliance with forms changes.

I sometimes use codes from neurology or general medicine that are not included in the psychiatric code list.  Can PM/2 handle these?

Yes, there is an option to add any desired code to the library.  Once added, such a code may be used just like the ones that are built into the system.

CMS has introduced "add-on" codes for billing of psychotherapy in addition to the E & M codes.  Can PM/2 handle those?

Yes, a popup window will prompt you to enter the time factor for your add-on codes when appropriate.

Does PM/2 keep track of NPI numbers and other ID numbers for providers?


How hard is it to enter visits and payments into PM/2?

Very easy.  There are three different windows for this purpose.  Yu can call up the individual patient's account record. Or you can use a Day Sheet for entering visits and payments on many different patients.  If you prefer, you can use a Serial Visits window for entering a series of visits by a single patient. 

I have a group practice.  Can PM/2 track billing and payments for the various providers in my practice?

Yes, if you purchase the optional Multiprovider feature, PM/2 can track billing and payment data for each provider as well as the practice as a whole.

I run a billing service, or I have one or more other professionals in my suite and we share secretarial or computer services but we are not in a group practice structure.  Do I need a separate copy of PM/2 for each provider?

No, there is an option in the Multiprovider feature to handle just such arrangements.  Billing services need only enter the name of the billing service and the name/NPI number of each provider, and records will be kept separately for each.

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I send insurance claims to many difference insurance companies.  Does PM/2 have the claims submission addresses built in, or do I have to enter this information manually?

PM/2 has the names, ID numbers and mailing addresses for thousands of insurance companies on file.  When you first start using the system, you'll want to go to the master insurance carrier list and select your main carriers.  You can add additional carriers, either from the master list or manually, whenever necessary.

I like to send thank-you notes, or clinical summaries, to my referral sources.  Does PM/2 enable me to keep track of who has sent referrals to me?

Yes, you can enter the names of your regular referral sources and tag each patient with the referral source.  PM/2 has built-in reports that show you who your most important referral sources are for any selected time period.

Data may sometimes be entered late or in error.  Does PM/2 let me fix mistakes?

Yes, you can always go back and change erroneous entries, or add visits or payments that were missed the first time around.  You are never "locked out" of an earlier time period. 

Can I preview bills or claims prior to printing them?

Yes, PM/2 provides a preview feature.  If you discover an error, you'll be able to go back, fix the data and re-print the item.

I have some special features that I would like to include on my statements or other printouts.  Am I locked into the supplied formats, or can I customize them?

All of PM/2's print formats are customizable by the user, although they are flexible enough that this is rarely necessary.

I participate in several different insurance programs.  Each of them has its own fee schedule.  Can PM/2 handle that?

PM/2 can keep up to 30 separate fee schedules, many more than you are ever likely to need.  You can tie each column of the fee schedule table to the particular carrier (Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance) that it applies to, then enter the fees for your most-commonly-performed services, and the appropriate fees will be entered whenever you submit a claim for a patient with the selected coverage.  Or, you can just enter a single fee for each service and rely on the insurance carrier to adjust it to their particular level of payment.

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I have a diagnosis for each of my patients under DSM5.  But now ICD10 codes are required.  Can PM/2 help me?

Yes, there is a built-in crosswalk beween the two coding systems.  Use whichever one you wish clinically, but the ICD10 code will be printed out on your claim forms.

The insured party, or the financially responsible party, or both, may be different from the patient.  Can PM/2 handle this situation?

Yes, when the insured or the financially responsible party is different from the patient, that person's name and details can be entered the patient's record.  In the case of an insurance claim, the insured party's details will be entered into the fields in the upper right hand portion of the claim form; in the case of a patient statement, the statement will be addressed to the responsible party.

Can statements and insurance claim forms be generated one at a time, or only in a bulk run?  And what about the dates of a statement or claim run?

Options are provided for single statements and claim forms, or for bulk runs containing either all open accounts or a subgroup of open accounts defined by type of insurance, rendering provider and various other criteria.  You can select the default time period for a statement or claim run (either the present date or the previous month) but this default can always be overridden by the user.

How does Electronic Claim Submission work?

PM/2 can produce an Electronic Claims File according to the 5010 standard.  You can then take this file and transmit it electronically to the payor or the clearing house of your choice.  For example, you might choose to submit all of your Medicare claims electronically and your private insurance claims on paper.  In this case, you'd build an electronic claims file specifying Medicare as the desired insurance carrier, and then shoot this file over to Medicare.  And you would then print out and mail paper claims for everybody else.  If you are the first PM/2 client in a given region to submit claims to a given electronic entity, we'll work with you to get approved as a submitter -- this is usually a quick process, requiring only the submission of a batch of test claims before going "live."

Some of my patients have allotments from Managed Care of the number of visits they are allowed.  Can PM/2 help me keep track of that?

Yes, managed care tracking was one of the imperatives that brought PM/2 into existence in the first place.  Enter the allowed number of visits and the date and number of the authorization, and PM/2 will count down as they are used up and warn you when you need to obtain a renewal.

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Since PM/2 keeps files of patient, referral source and insurance carrier names and addresses, it ought to be able to help me with mailing lists if I want to send out mailings, announcements, etc.  Can it do this?

Yes, there are options for mailing labels, form letters and envelopes for all three of these categories.  All commonly used types of Avery-compatible lables are supported.

Computers break down from time to time.  What safety features does PM/2 offer?

PM/2 offers an easy backup/restore feature.  In less than a minute, you can back up your data, either to your hard disk or (preferably) to an external device like a flash drive.  If your computer dies, you can download a fresh copy of PM/2 for Windows from our web site, and then restore your data, again in under a minute, from the flash drive mentioned above.  This is a real life-saver in the event of a hard-disk crash or other hardware failure, which is an uncommon, but definitely not unknown, event!

I practice in Hawaii, where medical services are subject to sales tax.  Or the HI sales tax rate has changed.  Or some other state has introduced a sales tax.  Can PM/2 handle this?

Yes, just select the sales tax option in the Utilities menu, enter the current tax rate, and PM/2 will perform the appropriate calculation and itemization on your statements.

What security features does PM/2 have?

PM/2 offers password security for logins.  Five different levels of access to your data are offered, so that you can have full access, say, to clinical notes and records for the provider while providing only limited access (e.g. data entry only) to clerical staff.

What reports can PM/2 produce?

There are literally dozens of built-in financial reports, such as aged accounts receivable and breakdowns of earnings by time, referral source or insurance provider.  And there is also a user-designed reports generator, in the unlikely event that you have a query for your data for which PM/2 does not already provide a solution.

I've seen references to PM/2 Clinical Planner.  What is that?

PM/2 Clinical Planner is a separate program that can function in a standalone mode, or as an add-on to PM/2.  It generates treatment plans, based on diagnosis, for use with managed care companies.

How do I get a demo copy of PM/2 for Windows?

Click here to download a copy.  Ignore any verbiage from Windows or your over-zealous virus scanner that may pop up about the software being unknown or dangerous to your computer (it isn't).  Accept all of the default options on the Setup program; when you are finished, a new icon will appear on your desktop, which will launch your demo copy of the program.

I already have a demo, and I'm ready to purchase the program.   How do I do this?

Click here to go to our ordering page.  Select the items that you need (usually item 1001 for a new user or item 1009 for an established user wishing to update), enter your credit card information and submit it.  We'll get right back to you with a code, which will transform your demo into a properly configured, and fully licensed, version of the software.

Contact information:
  • email:  sales@pm2.com
  • telephone:  201-970-5214
  • US Mail:  c/o Richard D. Kaplan, MD, 163 Engle Street, Bldg 2, 3rd Floor, Englewood, NJ  07631
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